Profitable Affiliate Promos

The secrets to making 5 figures or more as a top affiliate partner for someone else’s LIVE launch


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Become a Top-Earning Affiliate

There are so many great reasons for being an affiliate for some of the “big” launches out there.

Big commissions… amazing prizes… visibility… getting on the radar of other entrepreneurs you admire… big names who might also promote or want to work with YOU!

So how do people like Laura Belgray, Elizabeth Goddard, Jenna Kutcher, and other affiliates skyrocket to the top of the leaderboard, making tens of thousands (or in some cases, hundreds of thousands) of dollars in commissions while others struggle to make a single sale?

It’s not because they’re lucky… (they’re not)

It’s not because they have huge lists… (some don’t)

It’s not because they have the most bonuses… (it’s not about quantity)

In this upcoming pre-recorded training, you’ll get a peek behind the curtain to learn the secrets to making 5 figures or more promoting someone else’s product… without having to create the damn thing.

What’s Included?

60-Minute Training

Watch this actionable training on your own time, at your own pace.
Drop date is Wednesday, May 26! 


Audio Recording

You’re a busy entrepreneur, so download the audio file and listen while on the go!


Office Hours

Access to a special Office Hours day via Voxer where you can ask your questions about affiliate promos and launching! 


Hi, I’m Melody

I’m a launch strategist and I’ve worked behind-the-scenes on high-profile affiliate launches for entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Selena Soo, and Todd Herman. Launches that have brought in millions of dollars in revenue for them AND their affiliates.

I’ve seen first-hand what sets the Top-Earning Affiliates apart from the affiliates that get zero sales. And now I’m sharing their secrets with you. 

Fun fact about me: My “home” is a sailboat, and I’ve run my business everywhere from the beaches of Cuba and Belize to the mountains of Mexico to the Guatemalan jungle (with howler monkeys all around)!

Training Release Date: Wednesday, May 26!